Here are a few recent shots I've taken here and there. Stay tuned for some concerts shots this Friday!


1915 Bridge

This was a shot from a bridge I went to on Sunday, it had great architecture. In the distance in background you can see the cathedral on the right side and the Schmidtt Brewery on the left side.

Foshay Fall Out

This shot is from Saturday at the Foshay Tower. This is the closest I will ever get to rooftop photography because this was pretty scary even with metal bars separating me and certain death:)

Alley with Many Hats

Heres another shot from the other night in Minneapolis! This alley is right across the street from First ave, I loved all the signs and worn out posters painted onto the building


Ultra Light Beam

This weekend I spent the night in Minneapolis  and went out and shot at night. Although very cold I stayed out in negative degrees for these shots. I will post more photos soon!

The Wine Thief on a Cold Day

Hey everyone! This blog is where I am going to be posting every once in a while about what I have been shooting. Since I live in Minnesota , it has been a little difficult to get out and shoot because of the cold weather.